How to buy and how to wear Exclusive Watches

Watches, especially wrist watches, are one of the most important things in modern human’s life. It keeps the track of time during the day and night time. Watches came in daily use long time ago, in the end of 18th century. Since that time they have changed and improved. In our days we can find sub varieties of wrist watches as Men watches, Women watches, Kids watches, Sport watches, Casual and Formal watches. In addition, there are a lot of brands and companies in our world, which provide possibility to choose from a big variety and collection.

We know that the right accessories can make person’s look. Some people may ask how to choose the best wrist watches? The perfect pair of wrist watch will be different from person to person, depending on the desired features and components. That is why we have prepared several advices, which may help you to buy the perfect wrist watch.

  1. When you are choosing a watch, you should understand that there are different types which you may buy. In general, there are three main types of watches: analog, digital or both digital/analog. Analog watches include hour and minute hands, which indicate on marks or numbers, providing the current time. Digital watches display time on LCD or LED face. Digital/analog watch is a combination of both types, described above. Analog watches are considered to be more elegant and formal, they are good for business, office or special occasions. Digital watches are very “simple” in use. They are good for sport activity.  Digital/analog watches are perfect for everyday use, but not for special occasions.
  2. Before choosing a watch, person should also know that there are different types of movement: quartz, battery and mechanical. If you need the cheapest option, usually it’s a battery watch. These may be digital watches or watches purchased in a clothing store department. Quartz watches are a bit more expensive then battery, since they require little maintenance aside from occasionally replacing the battery. Mechanical watches are the most expensive; they either wound manually by hand or are wound throughout the day by the movements of the wearer (automatic, or self-winding).
  3. Watches can be made out of different materials. People should pay attention on case and band materials. Part that holds the face of the watch is case, it can be made of plastic, metal, resin, steel, gold, silver, platinum. The bands can be made out of the same materials as cases with addition leather or exotic skins.
  4. In order to choose a pair of wrist watches person has to decide on a style. There are models designed for outdoor activities, formal occasions, work and casual outfit. If you are going to use it while swimming, running- you should go with sports watch or divers watch. If you need to wear it at work or formal events, the best option will be to buy a dress watch. If you just need a pair of watch for everyday use, buy a casual watch.
  5. Knowing your budget, you may choose a brand for your wrist watches. You may ask friends or family about their opinion or just read couple of reviews about different brands. You have to make sure that brand you choose has the style, which you decided to get.
  6. Pay attention on the details. When you are picking out a pair of watch, you need to know what features you need to be included on your watch. It way have computer for sport activities, which will show heart rate, distance or calories burned. In case if you are spending a lot of time on international travel, a dress watch that allows you to tell time across multiple time zones will be the best option.
  7. One of the most important points in choosing the watch is to decide on a budget. Watch price can start from $10 at a department store to over $20,000 from a brand company. The price depends on style, material, brand and movement.


Do you know how to match a watch with your outfit? Here we have few steps, which person has to follow, in order to look dignifiedly.

  • Don’t think too much. When a person is thinking too much about one look, he can add extra details, which absolutely doesn’t mean better.
  • Less is more. If a person will put on less details, those details which are on him/her will get more attention.
  • When in doubt, match your watch with shoes
  1.  For formal look wear an analog or mechanical watch, do not wear digital. Formal shoes need a formal watch. The watch diameter case size should be between 36-40mm with a thin leather strap. If you wear black formal shoes, then wear a black leather strap. If you wear brown shows, kindly wear brown leather strap. The dial should only have a stick or a Roman numeral format.
  2.  A watch for business casual look will be approximately the same as for formal. Difference is the following: now you have more options, since you will wear not only white shirts and dark costumes. The watch size should be 36-42mm in diameter. Dial may be white, brown, gold, blue or black. Do not mix metals with other metals from your look, belt buckle is an exception.
  3. With casual attire is much easier to find right watch. You may choose between analog or digital version. Any color will be fine as long as it matches with your outfit. The watch size may range between 36-50mm in case diameter. If the case is metal, it has to match your belt buckle. The casual watches may have more functions and have Arabic numerals. If you wear casual shoes-wear a casual watch.
  4. Choose the case for the right size. Now you know, what case size should be for different looks. We would like to mention one more important rule and it’s pretty logical. Watch cases for larger men will have a larger diameter. In contrast, watch cases for smaller men will have a smaller diameter.
  5. Some people still prefer heirloom watches. Usually people wear them for “luck”or as a memory of the original/previous owner. Heirlooms allow us to break the rules above and to wear them anytime.
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